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The first blog from the little house…..



Last year I did a silly thing with my hubby, and that was walk the whole 630 miles of the south west coast path, sorry if boring my friends and family for mentioning it again, but to be fair it is partly because of you that I have started a new blog. During the walk I blogged along the way, and had some lovely comments including I should carry on with a blog. That one was called ‘A walk on the coast side’ I thought it would be best to start a new one with a new title, as this one will be about so much more than a scroll around the coast. In this blog I aim to post items on my favourite subjects, stuff over the years I have been and are still involved with including fashion, food, photography, writing, Pins and Needles, and life as it is for me now in general.

The other reason to start a new blog is I have notice how much fun another people seem to have by blogging, sharing tips and information on array of subjects. Along with the fact I have moved from Royal Tunbridge Wells with all its middle/upper class trappings and lifestyle, to a quite rural coastal part of Dorset, a total change in lifestyle for me. I thought a blog about finding my feet in Fairyland (my nickname for where I live as it feels like it) could be a bit of fun. I may even  start vlogging, especially after my 11 year old niece give me a lesson on how to vlog. She was very professional in our ‘meeting’ on the subject. One of her last comments was ‘It could be quite good if you vlog as you do do lots of things, and there isn’t many people your age that vlog, so older people maybe more interested in an older person vlogging’ Thanks Holly,I think….

And now the reason for the name of  this blog, many my age (which isn’t that old Holly) will remember ‘Little house on the prairie’. One day last summer I went outside to hang out the washing, I looked down to my maxi denim dress and red and white apron and for a moment it took me back to watching the programme, also I really do live in a very small house by the coast with my lovely hubby and our kitty cats Pins and Needles.

I hope you will sign up to receive these blogs, and more importantly I hope you enjoy them.

Welcome aboard reader……..


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