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I love a challenge, or two….

Pins not helping.

About eight weeks ago, hubby and I started to watch the new drama Taboo, (which was brilliant by the way) about half way through, hubby said ‘I like that coat’. I agreed for a bloke’s coat it was impressive. A couple of minutes later, hubby piped up ‘Could you make me a coat like that’? my reply ‘I could, but it will take me a long time’, ‘That’s ok won’t need it until next winter’. Oh, that’s alright then!

I haven’t made a garment from scratch since my final collection for my fashion diploma.

OK, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it by simply drawing out a pattern, HA! Simply I say, simple it’s not. I’m not one who can visualise a design, and transfer to a flat paper pattern with mathematically working out the person’s measurements. The only way I could try to make a coat is to use the draping method. Quick search on Amazon, click on the button and a book on ‘Draping, complete course’ was on its way. We brought five meters of Calico, yep, I know sounds a lot for one coat, but hey not done this in 20 years, I’m going mess up along the way. In the past, I’ve only draped on a dressmakers mannequin, so could easily leave the garment until working on it again. At present I don’t have one, a real mystery, used to have a good adjustable one. Last seen by Mum and I lying next to my Grandmother’s 1938 singer sewing machine in Mum’s attic. Went to get it, and nowhere to be seen. We hunted high and low, but nope couldn’t find it. How a blue mannequin can go missing is beyond me. That meant if hubby wants a coat made just for him then he will have to be the mannequin. Last Sunday afternoon was spent with him in his dressing gown, and a bottle of Cider, (so he had something to do while standing there) whilst I pinned and marked up my design for the coat.

Stage one completed, first draping carefully removed from hubby’s body, ready for me to make up the first flat pattern.

Draping the front of the coat. Yes, know the waistline is too high, that was hubby’s fault. Has been changed.

Talk about loving a challenge, the day before my draping experiment, I took up another task. While at college I wanted my final collection to be lingerie, when I mentioned this to my course tutor, she said ‘You’ve got to do more than that for your final, not much too lingerie’. Not much too lingerie? When a bra can have up to 40 plus pieces. I changed my final collection to children’s wear, but it has always been something I wanted to learn. I’ve brought several books over the years, but I’m more of a practical learner than a theory one. I always need someone to show me the basics, and then I can start picking up from books. On Saturday, I had a workshop with the lovely Mary-Louise, and below is my first bra cup. Mind you, it took me four attempts to get the lining piece the right way up. Let’s see how long it takes me to make a whole bra……

My first bra cup.

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