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France, Fishing, Film photography….

Yippee, off on holiday today, well I say a holiday it’s a week away in France. Hubby, before becoming hubby, lived in France where he spent five years renovating an old farmhouse. Once he finished he brought another place, with two others, then moved back to the UK. Move forward to now he has brought the others share, and hasn’t been there for at least six years, and this will be my first time. We are off down to this little place in its own woodland on the banks of the River Charente. Sounds great, and surely that will be a holiday.

Before thinking ‘lucky me’ The little place is only a fishing hut that is very basic, as hubby informs me. In fact, he keeps saying please don’t expect much, believe me I’m not.

We had been planning on going for two weeks, taking our kitty cats Pins and Needles, sorted out their own passports etc. But by the time come to book tickets, hubby began to think as he doesn’t know what state the place is going to be in, it may be better only for a week, and have a friend move in to look after the boys back home in Fairyland.


He isn’t a 100% sure that the key he has ‘found’ is the right key, having thrown loads of keys out a few years back, thinking they didn’t relate to anything. So, we are off for only a week, and taking the camping gear in case…

One we can’t get in.

Two the roof isn’t in the best condition.

Three not sure what furnishings will be in the hut, (last time he went down someone had nicked the cooker).

I can’t believe we maybe camping out in rural France, in a woodland, in March. Haven’t we learnt our lesson from last year when we wild camped for six and half weeks in April to May. At least we will be staying in one place, and not having to pack up every morning come rain, or shine.

My shop of Ilford B&W.

I have only ever been to Paris in France, and have been informed that rural France is very different. Where we are going, is very rural, and not near to anything. I’m someone who can’t sit still, I must be doing something, and as we are driving down, I’m taking my full camera kit. Including my film cameras, tripod, and rolls of Ilford black and white film. I may as well try to be creative in the woodland and on riverbank.

So, the sun cream is staying in the bathroom cabinet at home, where we do have a key, the roof is sound and we have all the furnishings we need, to go to a little fishing hut in the middle of the woods, and to top it all last night hubby said ‘I think we best take the port-a-loo’……….


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