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Sewing catch up……


Goodness just realised that its over three weeks since my last blog, there goes my promise to myself of once a week. I put it down to Easter with a trip back up to Tunbridge Wells to see family and friends, first day back down in Fairyland was our second wedding anniversary. Then Pins one of my kitties hurt his knee, badly. Before making the 150-mile trip to Kent I needed to finish off several sewing projects, one was my second and final workshop on making a bra. Two projects were gifts for my Mum and five-month-old great niece. How on earth did I suddenly become old enough to be a great Aunt!……..

I have for many years wanted to know how to make a bra, and finally found Mary-Louise who teaches privately. I could only really afford two workshops, due to hourly fee (worth it though) and time travelling to her home an hour away. To save time and cost I didn’t make a bra to my own size. This would have involved drafting a pattern to fit me. It’s the construction of a bra I wanted to learn about especially as an average bra can have up to 48 components’, it made sense to make one to Mary-Louise basic pattern. I also wanted to learn with and without wire.  The finished bra has one side underwired and a ribbon trim, and the other cup no wire and an elastic trim. I must say although still an unbelievable amount to learn, I’m quite pleased with my first attempt.

The first of the gifts, in fact didn’t involve much sewing. Since downsizing last summer my Mum has a smaller dining table than the one in the family home she had moved from, but no chairs. The cost of buying just chairs, has worked out more than if she brought a whole dining table set. As I’m a great one for second-hand and charity shops, I kept a look out for her, and found four great chairs for £30.

The chair on the day I brought them.
The chair arriving in my Mum’s dining area.

The only problem they were light pine and her table is medium oak, and the chair covers, well, let’s just say someone did love the pattern once. After five coats of medium oak stain, thanks to hubby, and me posting a sample of fabric to her that I thought she would like, I re-covered the seats. The four chairs have fitted wonderfully in her dining area.

The second gift was made from a gift. On my hen night, the ladies all give me gifts that reminded them of my life up until that date, before starting a new life as a wife and moving to Fairyland. One friend Jane had wrapped her gift in a gorgeous farm yard fabric.

Farm yard fabric.

Many times, I’ve taken the piece out of my fabric bag, and try to think what to make with it. I couldn’t think of anything for me, not even an apron as it wasn’t a big piece. Then Savanna was born last November, and I thought I could make something for her first summer. I didn’t have enough to make the neck yoke, I brought a piece of green fabric to match and thought it would be a good idea to edge the legs too. The romper suit is a little big for her now, I’m sure by summer it will fit her beautifully, I hope.

Matching the neck yoke with green fabric.
Matching the leg trim with neck yoke.










Savanna with her Easter gift.

As for Pins, thankfully his knee wasn’t broken. He has recovered fully, so much so that he is driving us mad with his little Spring gifts.

Butter won’t melt…….

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