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The cats that think their ‘dogs’……….

Pins and Needles are two years old today. Happy Purrday boys. These two kitty cats are very much our family, and like in every family have very different personalities. There aren’t many things these two share apart from the same mother. But one thing they both seem too, is think their dogs.

The birthday boys

They both like coming on walks with me near our home. They both love having a stick throw for them, they haven’t got to the point of bring it back. However, they do run back for me to throw the next stick, and they are great guard ‘dogs’.

Several times late at night I have heard animal cries for help, as we live in the country we often have foxes and badgers who are quite frankly a lot bigger than Pins and Needles, whom I wouldn’t say are big cats. One night, the cries sounded awful, I thought it was them, and I needed to get out to scare off whatever was hurting them. I flung open the door hoping that they would rush into safety. Instead both were on the path, brothers in arms, and simply stared up at me with a look at said ‘What do you want? We can handle this’. I left them too it.

One day I will be……
One day I will have……..










But the best ‘dog’ moment came last week, when our neighbours chickens decided to give our garden a visit. Pins was outside standing a few feet away. I managed to get them on the long path leading back to their home. When Pins ran in front of me, for the whole time getting these chickens back he was rounding them up like a sheep dog with a flock. He stayed a few feet away, but zigzag along the path to keep them going the way we wanted, laying on the ground as they moved on, if they stopped zigzag along again, until we got them back to the garden. Once mission was accomplished, I walked back home with Pins at my heel.

Rounding up the chickens

Needles is very much our gentleman, black velvet fur with a white bib and Spats paws. He has a gentle soul around you, but has turned into a great ratter, the neighbours love having up around their hen pen. He has a quiet voice and doesn’t like too much fussing. His cat-like movements around the home, insures he doesn’t knock over or break stuff. He is quite happy to be on his own and often goes off for a day, or two. Worried us sick the first time he went missing, thought we had lost him, but have now got used to it, just. Needles likes his fish, where Pins likes meat.

My sleeping assistants.

Pins on the other hand is like a naughty child, this tabby maybe smaller than his brother, but his lungs are not. He has the loudest voice. He hates me leaving him and if I managed to get out without him seeing me I can hear Pins a few feet up the road crying out for me. I have seen people stop at my garden bemused at this pretty tabby bawling his head off, quite embarrassing, when I have to explain he isn’t in pain, just making a point that I had left him.  He always seems to know the days when I will be out for all of it. From the moment, I get up he will jump into the bathroom sink curl up and go to sleep, or pretending too. Pins is clumsy in and out the home. If there is a crash, bang, wallop in the house, you can be sure its Pins. He seems to forget he has two back legs and often seen up a tree hanging with one paw trying to swing the other front paw around to grab hold, while his back legs are dangling in mid-air.

I’ll stop you washing…..

Living out in the country is like a gift store for cats, and we are often in receipt of cat like gifts. However, the strangest one yet, is when Needles brought home three birds egg, unharmed. I don’t think he knew these could be food, just laid them on the path outside our door and meowed to lets us know he had something for us. I’ve had cats all my life, and have never had or known a cat to bring home eggs, although hubby did say it would have been more useful if he brought home the bacon!

Home delivery.









These two kitties have enriched our lives, and we love them dearly. They’re loving, funny, naughty, frustrating and loyal, yes loyal I know most people think cats are not, but these two do after all think their ‘dogs’……

Black & yellow……
I’m watching you….

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