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Back to basics in Black & White……….

Wise owl.

I have written about how I became a photographer, the type of work I had been doing before taking that leap into marriage, and moving from Tunbridge Wells to the coast in Rural Dorset.

London had been on my doorstep, and my photography then was fashion, bands, film stills, events and dare I say some politics too.

Down here in Fairyland these areas aren’t quite as wide, yes there is fashion in a fashion, bands play in many of the small pubs, events do happen, film scenes not seen and politics, its, well, all around us, but apart from using my right to vote, I’m staying away from it.

So back to the drawing board. What could I do? The most obvious is the beautiful landscapes 360 degrees around me, but I’m not a landscape photographer, besides there are so many brilliant landscape photographers already on the Isle of Purbeck. I’m better placed admiring their work instead of being a ‘poor cousin’.

As I’m having to start again, lets start again with the basics, Black and White film, which I love, although (a lot) out of practise.

I have two film cameras, my first semi-professional Canon and an old Olympus with two lenses, that I brought to use with infrared film, which I adore.

In the depths of my camera bag I found some old films. These films have been hanging around for years. I had no idea of the quality, but thought use them while getting some practise in, just walking around the area. Brought a stock of developing products to develop in my kitchen, and these are some of the results………………


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