About Caroline Gray


Hi there, I’m Caroline Gray and thought it would be a good idea to start a blog. Actually, this is my second blog, the first was called ‘A walk on the coast side’ http://dreamynomads.wordpress.com/ My hubby and I walked the whole South West Coast Path 630 miles and wild camped along the way. That blog was just about the walk, and the charities which we managed to raise a few pennies for, this one will be about so much more.

I have been lucky enough to have experience different careers, and own several businesses, I’m also someone who likes learning, trying something new and always on a course, or two. Like many people I would like to write a book, and currently writing up about the SWC path walk, as well as researching a true life murder case. My other interests which hopefully I will be blogging about are Food, I’m a real foodie, and several of those several businesses have been catering. At the moment we are making a selection of jams, marmalades and chutneys in our little house.

Fashion has always been a big part of my life, having a Grandmother that was a dressmaker, who also taught me how to sew. I had my first fashion design kit at six years old. For one reason or another I couldn’t go to fashion college from school, so went into modelling instead, at least it involved fashion, and being the late 1980’s had a blast! I did get a fashion diploma later on, and now my main interest is jewellery. Another of my big interests are films and photography, I would say I have very much my own style. I originally went to University to studied film, and due to a decision made by the University I ended up doing photography. I still work in black and white film as well as digital.

In 2015 my life turned upside down, another reason why I’m starting this blog. One minute I’m a 40 plus something living the type of life one does as a single girlie in a town like Royal Tunbridge Wells, not far from London. Most of my family and friends were in the area, I not only worked full time, but for my sins was also a Borough Councillor involved with many projects. Life was pretty full on. Fast forward to early 2017, I’m married, living in a little house on the rural coast of Dorset, where you cannot get a mobile signal, shops still shut at lunch times and half days. Where I can walk around my village in the winter and not see human life, or walk to the next village for the shop and only have around two or three cars pass me by.  It’s a lot to get used to, but with the help of my lovely husband Nick and our kitty cats Pins and Needles, I’m loving it and wouldn’t go back. Although I do miss wearing my heels, just saying…….